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A Father-Daughter Cinematic Endeavor

Driven by a passion for establishing cinematic narrative storytelling in Lancaster, PA, Dadley Productions is founded by Bradley Hawkins, and his daughter, Sarah Hawkins.
Bradley Hawkins, a former film studies and humanities teacher, is a multi-award-winning director, best known for his coming-of-age family drama, Calf Rope, and his psychological thriller, Night Voices. Sarah Hawkins is an emerging award-winning producer in Los Angeles, best known for her activism for gender equality in Hollywood through her eight-part web series, Or Die Trying.
Bradley Hawkins and daughter, Sarah Hawkins, first teamed up on the comedy short film, Roller Coaster, based on a true story about a harrowing audition experience Sarah went on in 2014. This first-time film collaboration as father and daughter ended up being a film festival darling, winning 30 film awards from coast to coast.
After the success of Roller Coaster, the father-daughter team morphed from a director/actor professional relationship to a director/producer pairing with the comedy-fantasy, Filling In, in 2017 which won over 60
awards on the film festival circuit. In June of 2017, Sarah launched the eight-part series about women in film, 
OR DIE TRYING, which she executive produced and stars in, and teamed up with other film production companies on several projects outside of Dadley Productions as a producer.

The dynamic duo then teamed up again as director & producer in 2019 on the production of the coming-of-age family drama, CALF ROPE which was released in May of 2020 and has won over 150 film awards from around the world. Calf Rope is now streaming throughout the country on Pure Flix, and across the seas on New Faith Network.

The most recent Dadley Productions short, Night Voices, is a departure from the family-friendly content of its two earlier films and is instead a tense psychological thriller with a redemptive gut punch intended for audience members over the age of 12. Co-written by award-winning screenwriter, Peter Fenton, Night Voices was released onto the film festival circuit in March 2023 and has already won over 70 awards from around the world, while it continues its journey through October of 2024.
Hawkins and award-winning screenwriter, Jake Stetler, have expanded the short film screenplay of Calf Rope into a full-length feature script. Hawkins has also co-written the feature-length westernWrangled, adapted from the faith-based western novel, The Trail Ends in Texas, by award-winning author, T.W. Lawrence. Both feature-length screenplays have won awards at secular and Christian film festivals, alike, and Dadley Productions is eager to see one or both of the feature-length films go into production within the next year with the other to follow shortly after.
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