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'Filling In' Ends Film Festival Run with 61 Awards and 37 Nominations!

After Dadley Productions launched its comedy-fantasy short in April 2017 with wins for Best Director and Best Editing at the Los Angeles Film Festival Awards, Filling In paraded around the world for 16 months earning awards and nominations in 19 states in the U.S. and throughout the world in Australia, Canada, England, Italy and Lithuania. Its final film festival screening in Las Vegas in August 2018 at the Enginuity Film Festival earned the film its final two of its 61 total film awards, for Best Actor (Jared Odrick) and Best Screenplay (Peter Fenton and Bradley Hawkins) as well as its 37th nomination, this one for Best Supporting Actor for Karl Holtz.

The next step for the Dadley Productions short Filling In will be pursuing distribution, with plans to have it available for streaming on multiple platforms in time for Chritmas. With its four wins for Best Television Pilot, Filling In screenwriters Fenton and Hawkins have written treatments for 12 episodes for a half-hour comedy-fantasy series, with the short serving as the proof-of-concept for Filling In, the series.

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