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Night Voices holds U.S. Premieres in Lancaster County While Winning 9 Awards in Georgia

What a rip-roaring launch Night Voices received in April! Our psychological thriller was released at noon on March 30th and by the end of the night had been submitted to film contests and festivals on a global scale. Then just one week later, on April 6th, we received the news that Night Voices had won in seven categories at the Milan Film Awards in Milan, Italy. Along with winning Best Short Film and Best Director for March 2023, Gold Awards were earned for Cinematography, Editing, Original Score, and Sound Design, and Lead Actor, Gorman Ruggiero earned a Silver Award for his performance as "Jude Wilcox" in the film.

These unexpected awards coming in so soon happened just as Co-Executive Producer, Bradley Hawkins, was making arrangements for two Lancaster County premiere screenings of what would be the U.S. premiere of Night Voices for later in the month. First up to bat would be the screening of "NIGHT VOICES & Other Cinematic Shorts" at Penn Cinema in Lititz, PA on Sunday April 23rd followed one week later on Sunday, April 30th at The New Main Theater in Ephrata, PA just 8 miles further north.

The 3- hour program hosted by Danielle Hartman who served as MC and Moderator for the Q&A panel discussion. included all three of the other Dadley Productions award-winning shorts, as well as an 8-minute animated Chinese short that was executive-produced by Hawkins. The 15 minute comedy short, Roller Coaster (2015) , started the program at each venue , followed by the comedy-fantasy short, Filling In (2016), then the 29-minute coming of age family drama, Calf Rope (2020), followed by the animated short Winter (2019) from first-time director, Guodong Yu , a 23 yr-old graduate student in Shanghai. The evening wrapped up with the premiere screening of our 24-minute thriller, Night Voices (2023) and a Q & A session with attending producers, veteran actor, Gorman Ruggiero, and teen actor, Jack Packer, in his film debut.

After the Q&A for Night Voices was wrapped, Hawkins announced that prior to the premiere the Paris Film Awards had declared Night Voices the winner in Paris, France! Hawkins (as COO of Dadley Productions) enjoyed surprising the audience and the cast and crew attending that evening with the following awards certificates: Best Actor (Gorman Ruggiero) and Best Producer, (Peter Fenton), Gold Awards: Screenplay, Thriller, Cinematography, and Sound Design, and a Silver Award for Direction.


Then just one week later, the same exact program was screened at The New Main movie theater in Ephrata, PA with the only new twists being that Night Voices producer and co-writer , Peter Fenton, was able to attend , as well as the co-founder of Dadley Productions, Sarah Hawkins, the award-winning star of Roller Coaster, and award-winning producer of both Filling In and Calf Rope.

And yes, the surprise at the end of this evening was that Night Voices was announced just two days prior to this event that it won big from the Southern Shorts Awards in Roswell, Georgia earlier in the weekend! The 'Award of Excellence ' was presented for ACTING (Gorman Ruggiero), DIRECTING (Bradley Hawkins), EDITING (Caleb Tyson), SOUND DESIGN (Michael Mowen), and MUSIC (Cory Rosen). Additionally, the 'Award of Merit' for ACTING was earned by 14-yr-old , Jack Packer, as a LEAD Actor for his film debut as "Hunter,"as well as ACTING in a supporting role (Alex Joseph Pires), CINEMATOGRAPHY (Tony Marion), and PRODUCTION DESIGN (Avery Kellington).

On Saturday, May 20th the Night Voices team will learn if the film wins a 10th award from the Southern Shorts Awards for the BEST THRILLER of Spring 2023 from a Facebook Live streaming ceremony from Roswell, Georgia that starts at 8 PM, EST for anyone who would like to tune-in and follow the results.


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