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Crown Point Int. Film Fest in Chicago honors Night Voices with 5 awards, including Best Drama

The Crown Point International Film Festival (CPIFF) marks as a huge milestone for Dadley Productions as the first film festival in Chicago that any of our four award-winning shorts have been selected for, let alone to be declared as an award winner! The CPIFF is also the first festival to ever categorize any Dadley Productions film as being the winner in the Drama category, the most competitive of all narrative film genres. CPIFF is a monthly and annual competition for filmmakers worldwide, which qualifies for recognition on the International Movie Database (IMDb). A private jury selects the best films each month for CPIFF, and then chooses the winning films for the entire year as nominees for their annual Best of Fest awards held in the May of each year.

The annual nominees for CPIFF Best of Fest 2023 (which Night Voices is now eligible with these wins for) will be announced in January 2024, and all nominees will have their films screened via virtual screenings, through their partnership with Entertainment Oxygen, the CPIFF's official streaming platform partner. The virtual screenings will take place May 15 -25, 2024, with the live event taking place on May 25th, 2024 at The Logan Theatre in Chicago, IL. Distribution companies, film critics, and the regional press will be invited to attend the live event.

The mission of the Crown Point International Film Festival is to promote and celebrate films and filmmakers worldwide and help advance their careers by encouraging these cinematic artists to nurture their creativity and pursue their goals with dedication, passion, and joy. The founders of the CPIFF have been in the film industry for over 20 years and understand the true passion that drives filmmakers to create impactful works of art that leave a lasting impression on culture and humanity.

Below are the five winning categories Night Voices has been honored by the CPIFF as Best of the Month for April 2023:

Best Drama (short) - Producer : Peter Fenton
Executive Producers: Bradley Hawkins & Gorman Ruggiero; Consulting Producer: Sarah Hawkins Best Director (short) - Bradley Hawkins Best Actor (short) - Gorman Ruggiero Best Editing (short) - Caleb Tyson Best Score (short) - Cory Rosen

* Though both the graphic (above) and the certificate(below) for Best Drama is credited only to Bradley Hawkins, the award goes to all eight of the producers on the film: Producer: Peter Fenton; Co-Producers: Sugey Cruz, Ryan Geesaman, Andreas Quiroga, & Jackie Walker; Consulting Producer: Sarah Hawkins; Executive Producers: Bradley Hawkins & Gorman Ruggiero.


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