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Night Voices Enters Festival Circuit in Milan, Italy with a Strong Start - Wins Seven Awards!

The Milan Gold Awards is an international monthly film festival in Milan, Italy, with semiannual live screenings. The competition takes place from the first to the last day of each month, with winners being notified on the fifth of the following month. Milan is considered a leading alpha global city, with strengths in the fields of art, design, and entertainment.
MGA's mission is to promote films and be a step in building emerging filmmakers' careers. In the last few years, they have featured several stars among their films including Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, Anita Ekberg, Eric Roberts, Mira Sorvino, and others from all around the world.

At the Milan Gold Awards for March, Night Voices took home seven awards in its very first appearance on the film festival circuit for the psychological thriller:

Best Short Film - Night Voices

Best Director - Bradley Hawkins

Best Cinematography - Tony Marion

Gold Award for Editing - Caleb Tyson

Gold Award for Original Score - Cory Rosen

Gold Award for Sound Design - Michael Mowen

Silver Award for Actor - Gorman Ruggiero

Team Night Voices is thrilled to see the finished film is connecting with an international audience in Italy. We look forward to a full year ahead of festival appearances and connecting with audiences to share our film's powerful reminder of the brevity of life. Follow Night Voices on Facebook and Dadley Productions on Instagram for more of Night Voices' journey through the festival circuit.


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