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Meet the Producer Team of Night Voices

It truly does take a village to make a movie. The process always gets started from the efforts of a team of Producers. In the simplest of terms, the Producer(s) of a movie are the part of the filmmaking team that pulls the people, money, and logistics together to anticipate and solve problems as they arise throughout the process of pre-production, production, and post-production. Night Voices Producer, Peter Fenton, passionately describes the role of a producer as being the person responsible for getting all of the "stars in alignment" so that the art in question can be made.

PETER FENTON is a Philadelphia-area freelance writer and producer of both theater and film—Night Voices marks his debut production as a film producer! He previously collaborated with Director Bradley Hawkins as an award-winning co-writer of the 2017 Dadley Productions short, Filling In, and co-wrote the screenplay for Night Voices with Hawkins. Peter is a 2017 alum of Wheaton College in Illinois, where he studied communication and afterward completed an arts administration apprenticeship at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia. For his work as a playwright, Peter was inducted into the Dramatists Guild of America in 2019. Projects currently in development for Peter as both writer and producer include a short film adaptation of his afterlife dramedy play, Abandon All Hope, and a dark comedy stage play retelling of Peter Pan titled I Think We're Lost.
With Night Voices being his first time working as a film producer, Fenton was immensely grateful for the wealth of filmmaking experience brought to the table by the team of Co-Producers: Sugey Cruz, Ryan Geesaman, Andreas Quiroga, and Jackie Walker.

SUGEY CRUZ is an award-winning actress and producer based in the East Coast of the United States. She is currently the Producer for Front Seat Films, a Philadelphia based company with many prestigious clients. She also works as a freelance producer with Broken Tile Films, which she co-founded, Cinecle Pictures, and Bad Movie Night. She has had a wealth of experience on film and commercial sets in everything ranging from acting, continuity supervisor, production coordinator and supervisor and even Health and Safety/Covid Compliance. When not involved in work in front of and behind the camera, Sugey spends time with her family and is involved in charitable works especially causes involving Autism and related conditions.

RYAN GEESAMAN has been involved in media and technology since the 7th grade. While he spent a good amount of time on the stage in high school and college, his professional career has been mainly behind the scenes. He holds a degree in Television/Radio from Ithaca College and a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Penn State University. From 2004 to 2018, he served as Video Production Director at LCBC, a multisite church based in Manheim, PA. As an award-winning film producer and editor, he now serves as Chair of the Communication & Media Arts Department at Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School, directing the Media Arts Production program. When not behind a camera or in front of a computer, Ryan is a husband to Stacy, father to Ryker and Carter, avid film watcher, and enjoys smoking various meats.

ANDREAS QUIROGA is a freelance film producer currently working for Apple TV+ in the Studio Operations department in Culver City, CA. Originally from Doylestown, PA, Andreas produced and directed a 10-time award winning short comedy film, Aghast! and has spent five months in China producing bilingual stage shows for children and adults that ended up touring across Southeast China. He grew up navigating theatrical performance with Actor/Director Gorman Ruggiero for several years and is excited to be working on their first short film together. This project is the first time Andreas works with Bradley Hawkins and is very excited for everyone to see the short psychological thriller film that is, Night Voices.

JACKIE WALKER is a multi-talented creative professional in the film industry. She previously appeared in front of the camera in 2020 Dadley Productions short Calf Rope as SARAH and additionally worked behind the scenes of Calf Rope as an associate producer. Much like her time on the previous Dadley Productions project, Jackie pulled double duty as a co-producer on Night Voices while also serving as the production's Script Supervisor. Jackie has a large portfolio of freelance film experience in the Central Pennsylvania area, having worked as part of just about every department at some point or another.
Stay tuned on the Dadley Productions blog in the coming weeks as we introduce more members of Team Night Voices! Night Voices is expected to enter the film festival circuit in spring 2023.


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