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'Voices of the Night': Meet the Late Night Callers Heard in "Night Voices"

You may know that Night Voices stars Gorman Ruggiero and features Jack Packer and Alex Joseph Pires in supporting roles. Those are the actors you will see on screen in the finished film, but these three are not all the actors you will hear.

Ruggiero's character, Jude Wilcox, hosts a late night talk radio show. There is a sequence in the film featuring a flurry of embittered callers, all of whom use this show as a semi-anonymous release valve for the pent up anger and frustrations in their lives. These monologues are layered on top of each other to create a cacophony of hopelessness and demoralizing monotony, which ultimately brings about the moment Jude Wilcox makes a life-altering decision while on-air. These are the "Voices of the Night", and these are their stories.

"MORGAN FROM WEST CHESTER" is a strung-out mom of three young boys struggling to recruit other moms into her multi-level marketing scheme. "Morgan from West Chester" is voiced by Jewel Christian. Jewel has been acting for over 30 years, working in a variety of venues ranging from local theater to top-rated network TV shows CSI: NY and House, M.D. She was a cast member of the Church and State production that won the Henry Award for Outstanding Play in Colorado in 2019. She recently appeared in the features Stealing the Show and Chasing Hope and is currently working on a new Christmas movie. When not acting, she loves directing and teaching teenagers. Her motto is to find the funny, in both scene work and life!

"MARK FROM PHILLY" is a high-power big city businessman unhappy in his marriage and trying to reconnect with a woman he met at a bar. "Mark from Philly" is voiced by Dan Griffin. Dan Griffin is a Central Pennsylvania area actor, fight choreographer and tech director. Over the past 10 years he has been in over 40 stage productions, primarily Shakespeare, and over a dozen film projects while choreographing shows such as Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, and Hamlet. He has worked as a set builder at the Fulton Theater in Lancaster for nearly the past 5 years and has recently become the tech director of the Belmont Theater in York. He is grateful for all the love and support he has received from his friends and family during this journey.

"KIM FROM DOWNINGTOWN" is a middle school teacher going through a divorce and is low on cash—she hears about an unorthodox way to make money and thinks she just might do it. "Kim from Downingtown" is voiced by Joan Haines. Joan Haines is a watercolorist and retired teacher making her debut as a voice actor. She is involved in community volunteering and political activism. She holds a teaching degree from Millersville University and a masters degree from Eastern Mennonite University. Joan and her family live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

"OLGA FROM EPHRATA" is an immigrant from Croatia less than impressed with her time in America—and less than impressed with Jude Wilcox as a talk radio host. "Olga from Ephrata" is voiced by Avery Kellington. Avery is an Atlanta-based actor, VO artist and writer with roots in Lebanon County, PA who made her film debut in Bradley Hawkins' previous film, Calf Rope. In addition to voicing OLGA, she also served as Night Voices' production designer. Avery is grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Dadley Productions once again and to work with the talented, hard working group of predominantly central PA-based filmmakers who brought Night Voices to the screen! Upcoming projects include lead roles in two projects filming in Georgia, and a lead role in Abandon All Hope, a short dramedy Avery is co-producing with Night Voices producer and co-writer Peter Fenton.

"JAMIE FROM NEWTOWN" is a classically trained chef burnt-out on his dead-end job as a line cook at a chain restaurant. "Jamie from Newtown" is voiced by Will Rittweger . Will is an actor, writer, director, and filmmaker from New Jersey. His last film, an experimental film titled Love Forbids You…, has been accepted into four film festivals, including the New Jersey International Film Festival, where it received an Honorable Mention. He is also a performing company member of avant-garde theatre group, N1 Theatre.

"GREG FROM GAP" is a man on a drug trip who just learned about cryptocurrency and has some strong feelings about this development. "Greg from Gap" is voiced by Austin Valli. Austin is an actor and model who is originally from Alexandria, Virginia. Austin's love for entertainment led him to pursue film & broadcasting degrees from Pennsylvania State and Clemson University. Austin has since moved to Los Angeles, California, where he had starred as the lead in the Amazon Prime Video romantic comedy Moving Valentine, and the award winning short Aghast!

And last but not least, "EMILY FROM MECHANICSBURG" is a young woman who just drank an entire bottle of Pinot Grigio and has thoughts to share about her ex-fiancé. "Emily from Mechanicsburg" is voiced by Kristin Zembower. Kristin is a newly married native to Lancaster County, PA. She graduated from Lancaster Bible College with a BFA in Musical Theatre, and has been seen in roles such as Katherine Plummer in Newsies, Lina Lamont in Singin’ in the Rain, and many more. Kristin is also a local dance teacher and dancer, having performed with various companies across Lancaster. All glory to God!

How will these "Voices of the Night" monologues intertwine with each other and Jude Wilcox's character journey? You'll just have to see Night Voices when it premieres! Night Voices is expected to enter the film festival circuit in Spring 2023.


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